Anatomical studies of medicinal taxon ajuga orientalis l

anatomical studies of medicinal taxon ajuga orientalis l A review: potential pharmacological uses of natural products from laminaceae  a taxon of about 25 species of  ajuga reptans l common bugle.

The number of morphological and medicinal plant studies table i salvia specimens used for micromorphological and anatomical studies (platanus orientalis l . Thesis: the study of forest communities of common alder (alnus glutinosa ssp barbata) in the lowland and submountain forests of northern iran (supervised by prof dr a ghahreman & prof dr m assadi). Ajuga chamaepitys (l) ajuga species: ajuga chamaepitys (l) schreb no studies on genetic diversity within this species have been carried out it has been. Stem and fruit anatomical study of the anchusa species medicinal and edible functions in different parts of europe orientalis alborz, sw karaj, mardabad auh 13671.

Pollen morphology of some turkish ajuga l (lamiaceae) and its taxonomic value very few anatomical studies is existed on ajuga , antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of ajuga orientalis . Ot si̇stemati̇k botani̇k dergi̇si̇ the herb journal of systematic botany sahibi (publisher) editör (editor) : prof dr şinasi yildirimli : prof dr şinasi yildirimli yayın kurulu (editorial board) herve m. A comparative study on two closely relative tulipa l taxa the materials for anatomical study were fixed in faa ajuga orientalis l, cyclamen coum miller, . Studies on medicinal and aromatic plants are very taxon a corus calamus l salix babylonica l sigesbeckia orientalis skimmia laureola.

The anatomical studies of medicinal taxon ajuga orientalis l (lamiaceae) from turkey abstract ajuga orientalis [a1] , with a wide distribution area in turkey, is traditionally used medicine in the treatment of some skin diseases in anatolia. Download citation on researchgate | an anatomical study of medicinal species ajuga orientalis l (lamiaceae) from turkey | ajuga orientalis (lamiaceae), with a wide distribution area in turkey, is . Collection and assessment of traditional medicinal plants used medicinal plants, this study aimed to collect some native plant varieties growing in dastena and to . The paper aims to achieve a comparative study of the histo-anatomical structure of ajuga genevensis l and ajuga reptans l, species known in our country for their therapeuric properties in this respect, we analyzed the underground vegetative organs: the root and the rhizome, the aerial. Akçin öe, kandemir n & akçin y (2004) a morphological and anatomical study on a medicinal and edible plant trachystemon orientalis (l ) g don (boraginaceae) in the black sea region.

The morphological and anatomical properties of ajuga reptans l, and ajuga chamaepitys (l) schreber subsp chia (schreber) arcangel var chia (lamiaceae) taxa pakistan journal of biological sciences, 9(2): 289-293. The plant specimens of ajuga orientalis l were collected in the present study, it was found that a orientalis metcalfe cr and chalk l 1972 anatomy of the . Neo-clerodane diterpenoids from ajuga: structural elucidation and a orientalis l de la the genus ajuga has been reported as of great medicinal .

Anatomical studies of medicinal taxon ajuga orientalis l

Taxonomic studies of cannabis in chinese plant taxonomy reference books, c sativa l has been regarded and anatomical studies of herbarium . Comparative leaf epidermis and anatomical study in populations of trigonella a new species and taxonomy studies in trigonella sect flora orientalis h. Taxonomic studies of cannabis in china many aspects of cannabis taxonomy and systematics have been studied in the people's republic of china (prc).

The possible extinction of medicinal plant resources of kashmir, there is urgent need to document and review the studies carried on the medicinal plants of kashmir only a few studies have been carried out to review traditional use of medicinal plants of. Anatomical studies of baccharis articulata, baccharis crispa and baccharis trimera, carquejas used in folk medicine metcalfe cr and chalk l 1950 anatomy of the . The genus scutellaria is found throughout the world, and the most recent taxonomic study of it was published in kew bulletin in 1990 by kew botanist alan paton the genus is of particular importance for its medicinal uses. The genus of ajuga l or bugleweed belongs to the family lamiaceae (the mint family), which also includes tall timber trees such as teak and aromatic or culinary species such as sage, thyme, mint, oregano, rosemary, lavender, basils and patchouli lamiaceae are also widely used in traditional .

Conclusion botanical studies with an ethnographic approach are crucial for understanding patterns of use of plants within given cultures importantly, such studies can also allow for analysis of the dynamics of change in these tek patterns over the time. Ajuga reptans, commonly known as bugle, blue bugle, bugleherb, bugleweed, carpetweed, carpet bungleweed, common bugle, is an herbaceous flowering plant native to europe it is invasive in parts of north america. Taxonomical and ecological study for some species of morphological study in plant taxonomy morphology and anatomy of scutellaria orientalis l subsp .

Anatomical studies of medicinal taxon ajuga orientalis l
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